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https://paranormalinsightskalapuya.brownpapertickets.com/Welcome to  the website of William Becker. As an international psychic medium, William helps others integrate spirituality into their everyday lives through psychic development classes, readings, and psychic life coaching.

A paranormal enthusiast and experienced paranormal investigator, William combines his love of history and psychic abilities to allow people inside the world of ghosts and hauntings with his haunted hotspots classes, guided ghost tours, and paranormal investigation classes. William provide his services in person, as well as by telephone, email, or Skype. Services are available for groups or on a one-on-one basis.

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The Northwest’s Haunted Hot Spots:

Kalapuya Books!

Friday August 9, 2019

Tickets and more information at:  https://paranormalinsightskalapuya.brownpapertickets.com

Equinox Tales and Gallery Reading

Coffee Rush, 9th and Main in Oregon City

Wednesday 20 March

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Psychic Development Classes:

My Finding Your Psychic Voice and Haunted Hotspots classes are held in locations known for their paranormal activity.  These group events include hands-on, active instruction, where I assist people in discovering their own, authentic psychic abilities.  Each person’s abilities are unique to themselves.  Instead of a one size fits all approach, I lead people through exercises and ideas that allow them to find what best works for them as an individual.  I do not practice or teach fortune or future telling.  The classes are focused on learning to communicate with paranormal beings.  People of all levels of psychic development will benefit from these classes.

  • Finding Your Psychic Voice:  This 2 hour class is from 3-5pm, at the downtown Oregon City Coffee Rush at 900 Main St.  Price is $25.* Arrangements can also be made to hold the class in other locations.

    2019 Dates:

    More to be scheduled!

  • Integrating the psychic into our understanding of other realms and our place in them.

Join me as we explore opening up to what we call paranormal beings that exist in other dimensions or universes, as well as in our own.  Our journey will assist us in finding our own place in the universe and what that means to us.  I also work one-on-one with people exploring these elements of our soul’s growth.  Advanced classes looking at group psychic life coaching will also be available, as well as the private sessions I do. This hands on, practical class, is recommended for people with a background in psychic work.  The classes will expand upon people’s abilities around grounding and centering, shielding and filtering and reading paranormal beings.

Haunted Hotspots Events:

These events are held in a variety of locations around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  I find locations of particular historical and paranormal significance and offer these expanded classes there.  The classes may include a psychic based investigation element.  Many of the places we’ve held these events have been made famous by authors or television programs.  Haunted Hotspots events take a variety of forms so prices vary.

Individual Mentoring and Instruction:

I work with people by appointment on a one-on-one basis as they explore and develop their psychic skills.  These sessions give people the opportunity to work in a more private environment.  Sessions are held in person, via Skype or by phone.  Cost is $140/hour, $75/half hour, $40/quarter hour. *

Past/Between Life/Other Readings:

I offer past and between life readings by appointment.  These sessions are not hypnotic regressions, but psychic readings of past and between lives, incorporating their relevance with this current life.  Readings are available in person, via Skype or by phone.  Cost is $140/hour, $75/half hour, $40 quarter hour. *

Psychic Life Coaching:

These readings usually combine past and between life readings along with psychic input and information from any entities that wish to communicate.  We work together to integrate the lessons into this life, allowing the person to more fully realize their path to wholeness.  Readings are available in person, via Skype or by phone.

Cost is $140/hour, $75/half hour, $40/quarter hour. *

Additional events are in the works!

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